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Create fun, laughter and smiles at your next party with a What’z Pop’n Gourmet Popcorn Bar! Simply set up beautiful bowls filled with our imaginative flavors to create a spread suitable for any occasion - from the big game to formal or professional events. Purchase popcorn by the gallon or contact us for special arrangements... We're glad to help create a lasting memory for your next party.

We specialize in weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, carnivals and much more.....


Whether you intend to personalize the groom and/or bride’s wedding and shower favors or a decorative popcorn station, What’z Pop’n will make sure your wedding experience exceeds the standard.

A What’z Pop’n bar will be a guest pleaser at your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. We’ll give your affair the taste and the effortless ambiance you crave and are worthy of on your “big” day. Our event planner can help customize options, so that your budget doesn’t suffer, more importantly your honeymoon!

Pop'n Since 2008