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Popcorn Fundraisers Are Profitable & Fun

Kids and adults alike love popcorn fundraisers. They’re great moneymakers because the customers love the wide range of choices and great flavors. What'z Pop'n  makes a variety of flavors, whether you enjoy savory treats like Jalapeño or White Cheddar, crunchy flavors like Buttery Caramel and Chicago Style, or sweet dessert flavors like Cookies and Cream and Peanut Butter Chocolate. There’s something for everyone! Parents interested in healthier snacks will love fundraiser with popcorn.

Our fundraiser brochure includes the popcorn flavors Buttery Caramel, Cheesy Cheddar, Caramel Gone Nuts, Chicago Style, White Cheddar, What'z That Flavor or we can custom create a flavor with your organization, school mascot or team colors.  

How to Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

 1. Call Us So that we can create a customer flavor and brochure for your organization to start order taking right away.
2. Run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks collecting money for each item.
3. Call What'z Pop'n to place your order.